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Assalamualaikum! My name is Sherifah Baharudin and I am a Mum of three beautiful children, my beloved gifts from Allah. I was previously a University lecturer and researcher with a Science background, and recently studied Education before deciding to follow my passion. It has always been a life-long dream for me to open an online bookshop. Having grown up surrounded with books, I wanted the same for my children, but many good quality Islamic books are not easily available here in Australia and shipping prices can be very costly. Every time I bought books from overseas, I would say “How I wish someone would sell this over here in Australia, especially in Perth!”. One day, I decided that “Hey, why don’t I be that person instead?”. I gathered up whatever courage that I have (believe me, initially it wasn’t a lot, but alhamdulillah I guess it was enough to start up a business) and with the help of Allah, Sakeena Books was born.   

It is very exciting for me to see the growing amount of good quality Islamic books, especially for young children, available all over the world, compared to 10 years ago. I am hugely passionate about encouraging children to read since small, to instill good reading habits that stays with them till they become adults. I cannot thank my parents enough for encouraging me to read by providing me with plenty of beneficial books growing up. I truly believe it’s important for our Muslim children to be exposed to books that not only instill the love of Allah in their little hearts but they should also read books that features Muslim protagonists as this helps the story become relatable to them and helps build their character and confidence. Nowadays, with the growing number of engaging books written by Muslim authors available worldwide, getting these types of good quality books to read to your children should no longer be a problem InshaAllah. At Sakeena Books, we will strive to source out such books for you and your family InshaAllah 😊      

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