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It is a widely known fact that reading books is highly beneficial and can impact us positively. Reading the right type of books can either increase our knowledge in a particular field, boost our spirituality, empower us to be a better version of ourselves or all of the above. In our quest to encourage our young ones to read more, we as adults, need to set a good example and become avid readers ourselves.

Hence, Sakeena Books is set up as an online local islamic bookshop to help serve the needs of our growing community, InshaAllah.

Sakeena Books aims to provide affordable and beneficial Islamic books especially ones that are not easily found in Australia. By providing interesting, engaging, fun and beneficial Islamic books (InshaAllah) to our children (and parents too 😉), we help to inculcate the love of not only reading, but also learning more about our Deen InshaAllah. It’s time we read more as a community and be more enlightened, empowered and strive towards excellence, both in this world and in the hereafter biithnillah..

Let’s do this! Bismillah!


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