Better Me

Wael Ibrahim

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"365 ways to transform your everyday life!"

No doubt, that words if used effectively, or inappropriately could have a tremendous impact on those who hear or read it. A word could end relationships, start a fight, change moods or incite emotions.

Better Me: 365 ways to transform your everyday life, contains a selection of powerful words that were said during my talks as well as inspiration sparked from my mentors throughout the past 10 years. I am hoping that within this compilation you will find inspiration that would change your life for the better. 

I did not forget to leave a space after every quote for you to jot down your reflections. Perhaps, your reflections could become part two of the book if you would share them with me in the future

Wael Ibrahim is an international speaker, trainer, teacher and a certified life coach. He is also the founder of MentorPLUS and a very proud family man of unmatched mother, siblings, great wife and precious children. Currently, Wael lives in Australia as he works as a student counselor in one of the largest schools in Western Australia.

Author Wael Ibrahim
Publisher Ultimate World Publishing
Dimensions 230 mm x 155 mm x 25 mm
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Pages 394
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ISBN 9781925884210


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