Rekindle Your Life

Dr Muhammad Al-'Arifi

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Rekindle Your Life centres upon encouragement towards good deeds and noble characters, abstinence from sins by giving reminders in a very beautiful way about Paradise and its delight, the reality of death, turning to Allah in repentance and enlightening faith through inspired, true and wonderful stories from various aspects of life past and present.

Dr Muhammad bin Abdir-Rahman Al Arifi is a well-known author and scholar from Saudi Arabia. He studied in the Universities in the Kingdom where he bagged a Doctorate Degree in Usool ad-Deen from the Imam Muhammad bin Su’ood Islamic University, Riyadh. Dr ‘Arifi is well versed in the sciences of the Qur’an in which he obtained certification from the scholars of Recitals across the Muslim world including Shaykh Yahya al-Haleelee, the great scholar of Recitals from Yemen. He is also blessed to have learnt from the most eminent scholars of our time like Shaykh Abdul- Azeez bin Abdullah bin Baaz under whom he studied for over a decade, and Shaykh Abdullah Jibreen (may Allah be pleased with them both) amongst others.

As with his lectures and sermons, his writings are very captivating, sometimes attracting several reads from a single reader. His blend of narrations from our Islamic heritage with some thought-provoking anecdotes from personal experience describes the uniqueness of the works.

Author Dr Muhammad Al-'Arifi
Publisher Dakwah Corner Bookstore (3rd ed, 2020)
Dimensions 215 mm x 140 mm x 20 mm
Weight 472 g
Pages 290
Type Paperback
ISBN 9789675699498