Dagar | The Desert Hawk and the Sons of Darkness Vol. 1

Furqan Jabbar

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Born and raised in the US, Dagar is new to the Muslim faith and a wanted soldier trained by the special unit “Desert Hawks”.

When he finds out his teacher has been killed, Dagar heads to Damascus, Syria - where it all happened. There he discovers the Brotherhood of Baal, led by a mysterious masked man known as Ishbaal.

Can Dagar stop them from summoning an evil bent on war and destruction?


Asiyah, 12 years old

"If you enjoy adventure and mystery books, "Dagar" is for you! This graphic novel captivated me and I really enjoyed it. "Dagar" is my favorite islamic comic and I can't wait for vol.2! 

This book is a must read, keep you on the edge of your seat sort of book that I absolutely loved. Join Dagar in his quest to find the murderer of his teacher and catch him once and for all!"

Shaykh Saalim Mauladawila,

Staff Member at Sirat College

The need to create Muslim alternatives for available mass media is often spoken about, but what Shaykh Furqan Jabbar has accomplished with Dagar the Desert Hawk is far greater. 

Dagar isn't so much a "Muslim alternative", but a work whose standard of quality of universe, narrative, and illustration warrants it being regarded by these merits against the established titles. 

Dagar the Desert Hawk doesn't plead for your consideration because it pays lip service to Islamic themes; it is a work that demands to be regarded in its own right as a piece of quality fiction that is also grounded in the Islamic spirit.


Author Furqan Jabbar
Illustrator Eder Messias
Publisher Imaginenation
Dimensions 280 mm x 190 mm x 12 mm
Weight 240 g
Type Hardcover with Colour Pages
ISBN 9781647131739