The Daily Revival

Ali Hammuda

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The Daily Revival: A Collection of Good Deeds That Have Been Largely Forsaken

During your past times, when you leave the home, when you’re wedged in places and meetings you’d rather miss, there is an act of worship that you probably never knew of!

This short book brings together 40 very concise and carefully selected, heart-warming reminders to revive your spirits and reignite your zeal to change an often dreary routine into one good action followed by another.

Often they will cultivate an inner belief or emotion, revive a daily habit, nurture a leadership technique or upright etiquette or recuperate an otherwise neglected financial act of kindness loved by Allah and unlimitedly heavy on your scales.

This book will reintroduce a forgotten act of worship in every single aspect of your life.


Author Ali Hammuda
Publisher Tertib Publishing (2018)
Dimensions 180 mm x 130 mm x 10 mm
Weight 205 g
Pages 181
Type Paperback 
ISBN 9789672420828