The Green Dinosaur Umbrella

Amina Banawan

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A beautiful Hajj story about kindness, diversity, and love that will touch your heart

In this beautifully illustrated, whimsical story, a green dinosaur umbrella travels to Makkah and exchanges hands, helping pilgrims along their journey of Hajj.

About the Author

Amina Banawan is an Egyptian-American kindergarten teacher with over ten years of writing experience. She has a passion for helping others to understand what Islam is all about. When she isn't playing "Duck, duck, goose" or searching for missing toys and socks under her own two children's beds, she can be found dreaming up more stories to share with children around the world. For more of her writing, visit her Facebook page called "Qisa".

Ages 4+

Author Amina Banawan
Illustrator Rania Hasan
Publisher Ruqaya's Bookshelf
Dimensions 280 mm x 215 mm x 4 mm
Weight 200 g
Pages 36
Type Paperback with Colour Pages
ISBN 9781989079126