Sakeena Jewels Reward Program

sakeena jewels

GOOD NEWS!!  It’s about time we reward the important people who has been supporting Sakeena Books all this while. Who, you might ask?

Well, it’s YOU of course! Our beloved customers. Hence ‘Sakeena Jewels’ is now here!! To join Sakeena Jewels, simply register by clicking here or on the purple “reward” icon at the bottom right page. That’s it!

Important info for existing customer: You will still need to create/activate your account (and create password) to join Sakeena Jewels. (use the same email address you used to buy our books) and we will transfer points from your previous purchases to your Sakeena Jewels account. This way, all your previous purchases will not go to waste 😉 They will become points you can use to redeem reward InshaAllah!

Every $1 spent* equals 1 point and every 200 points, you get to redeem $10.

$1 = 1 point

200 points = $10

Sound sweet isn’t it?

Join Sakeena Jewels today! See you on the other side 🤩

*Spent of books only, excluding shipping and taxes.