50 Candles to Light Your Path

Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar

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"To my sons and daughters, 50 candles to light your path"

This book has been written for high school and undergraduate university students as a guide on how to improve their wellbeing and how to aid them towards threading the path of guidance to excel in their academic, work and other facets of life.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar is a Professor at King Khalid University and Open Arab University. He graduated his BA in Arabic Language and sequentially Masters and PhD from Al-Azhar University. He had written over 150 scientific articles in Arabic newspapers and magazines. He had over 80 radio and television episodes on the Saudi TV, Saudi Radio, AlMajd Satellite Channel and Bursa Broadcasting. He is also the founding member of the Council of International Organisation of Islamic Media of the Muslim World League.

Author Dr. Abdul Karim Bakkar
Translator Dr. Mohammed Said Dabas
Publisher Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Dimensions 220 mm x 170 mm x 9 mm
Weight 313 g
Pages 202
Type Paperback
ISBN 9789675699368