Before Birth Beyond Life

Zenubia Arsalan

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Before Birth, Beyond Life are the words of a reassuring mother. In simple rhyming verses, she teaches her child about the full circle of life and afterlife. From early on, children are eager to understand this world and their place in it. Through this book, young readers learn about Allah's special plan for humanity and how much love, thought and detail went into their creation. It instills in young readers that they belong and inspires them to have a broader view of life on earth and the hereafter. This heart-rendering book pulls at the strings of our emotions - the unbreakable bond between mother and child, as well as Allah's immeasurable love for the child.

Recommended for ages 6-9


"A must-have book for every Muslim child"

"The most endearing gift of beneficial knowledge"

"Charming Illustrations. Reads Beautifully"


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Author Zenubia Arsalan
Illustrator Heshan Gunasekara
Publisher Little Mutaqeen
Dimensions 290 mm x 220 mm x 10 mm
Weight 375 g
Pages 24
Type Hard Cover (Glossy colour pages)
ISBN 9789948387978