Hallmark of Leadership

Dr Azman Hussin, Dr Rozhan Othman, Dr Tareq Al-Suwaidan

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”Dr Tareq Al - Suwaidan concludes that poor leadership and some flaws in our thought and ideology are the two cornerstones of our crisis."

The Muslim ummah today are far from the position of leadership in almost all aspects of civilization. It is obvious that we need to change and regain our position of being an exemplary civilization as alluded in the Quran.

This book synthesizes advanced knowledge in modern leadership science with leadership examples of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the generation of his companions.

This book will help the readers become better leaders at a personal level and also help them provide better leadership for the Muslim community.

The authors share a common vision to rebuild the future Muslim civilisation by establishing a strong foundation based on the proper Islamic thought and methodology. 

Author Dr Azman Hussin, Dr Rozhan Othman, Dr Tareq Al-Suwaidan
Publisher Dakwah Corner Bookstore (2019)
Dimensions 228 mm x 153 mm x 15 mm
Weight 586 g
Pages 287
Type Paperback (Colour print with thick glossy paper)
ISBN 9789675699528