Isa's First Fast

Hira Rizvi

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A Choose Your Adventure Style book about a kid who is fasting for the first time. Though he is excited he is very nervous about how he will survive in school ALL day!

Fasting also makes it hard for him to think! So he needs your helping making many choices along the way! If your story ends, just go back and make a different choice!

With multiple story lines and ending this book will continue to entertain your child!


It was Pizza Friday. The smell of cheese pizza filled the hallway. Isa stopped in the doorway. He was frozen. He looked to the left and saw Cheryl take a bite of her slice and pull the cheese. It stretched longer and longer, so warm and melty.

Anthony walked past him with three slices of pizza piled on his plate, the cheese from each melting into each other.

No one knew Isa was fasting. What if he cheated just a little?

Should Isa go ahead and grab a slice? Or should he walk away from the cheese? 

Ages 6+ 

Author Hira Rizvi
Illustrator Nida Syed
Dimensions 215mm x 140mm x 9 mm
Weight  195g
Type Paperback
ISBN 9780578634555