Little Muslim Maze Book


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This maze book is specially designed for little Muslims to learn about the basic knowledge of Islam at an early age in a fun way. By using this fun approach, we hope that Muslim children would be familiar and learn about:

1. Pillars of Islam
2. Pillars of Iman
3. Prayer times
4. Steps of wudhu
5. Islamic months (Hijri months)
6. The prophets
7. Prophet Muhammad’s companions
8. Three important mosques in Islam
9. Alif Ba Ta
10. Arabic number

Comes with a texter and eraser. Glossy pages are easy to rub off so the kids can re-do the activities over and over again!

    Ages 3+

    Publisher Bebecucu
    Dimensions 300 mm x 210 mm  x 4 mm
    Weight 250 g
    Type Glossy colour pages
    ISBN 9789671704813