My Little Quran Verses

Siham Andalouci

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In My Little Quran verses, your child will find a fun way to learn the Quran verses requiring us to worship God and behave well. As they follow the adventures of Aya and Sarah, Salim and Adil, your child will first of all learn how to love Allah. In the second part, they will read stories about good behaviour and understand the noble quantities advocated by the Holy Quran. In the final part, they will see how the heroes in our stories try to correct bad behaviour, again relying on verses from the Quran.

Each verses is illustrated with a fun, meaningful story and a clear teaching. Learning and understanding Allah's verses has never been so easy and pleasant.

Author Siham Andalouci
Illustrator Tayiba Abdullah
Publisher Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Dimensions 285 mm x 220 mm x 9 mm
Weight 491 g
Pages 89
Type Paperback (Full colour thick glossy paper)
ISBN 9789670835259