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Anousha Vakani

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Najma loves stars. She wants to swim with them in the ocean-like sky and paint them in all their different shades and sizes. Mama, an astronomer, sets up her telescope and walks Najma through the life-cycle of stars; how they're born in clouds of gas and dust called Nebulae and how they end up as stardust that helps the universe grow. They talk about Allah as the Creator of the stars and thank Him for everything they love. Full of curiosity and wonder, Najma is written in simple yet whimsical prose. Ages 5+.

Author Anousha Vakani
Illustrator Ayesha Sohail
Publisher Muslim Girl Powered Books
Dimensions 255 mm x 255 mm x 4 mm
Weight 200 g
Pages 26
Type Paper back (Glossy colour pages)
ISBN 9781999077013