Ramadan Around The World

Ndaa Hassan

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 Join the Ramadan Moon as it travels the world to visit children and their families observing Ramadan.

Ramadan Around The World showcases how various cultures celebrate the Islamic holiday. The purpose of this book is to illustrate the diversity of the global Muslim community.

Children of various nationalities and abilities are represented throughout the book. Families of diverse sizes and demographics have also been equally represented. This book is an adventurous read for children and useful as an educational tool for educators.

Ndaa Hassan is a wife, mother, artist, social entrepreneur and creative design enthusiast with a passion for storytelling, traveling and learning about other cultures. She takes particular interest working on projects that provide value and service to others. Her portfolio spans many community-centered projects and a handful of story times filled with lots of excitement, laughs and giggles. Ramadan Around The World is her first venture into children’s literature. It is a story inspired by her children and their Ramadan celebrations.

Azra Momin paints, illustrates books, writes for magazines, makes textile art and jewelry, and not necessarily in that order. She enjoys playing made-up games and going geocaching with her favorite comrades - her husband and daughter. A stack of children's books and mystery novels is always by her side and she dreams about living in an earth ship. You can find her work on Instagram @azramomin


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    Author Ndaa Hassan
    Illustrator Azra Momin
    Publisher Beyond Books Publishing
    Dimensions 285 mm x 220 mm x 10 mm
    Weight 500 g
    Pages 40
    Type Hardback with Colour Pages
    ISBN 9781732097001