Stop Worrying and Start Living

Abdullah Bin Sa'eed

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"Certainly, Allah is aware of your situation; He sees your suffering and hears your lamentations and secret consultations"

“Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was imprisoned and as a result thereof, he became the Imam of the people of the Sunnah. Ibn Taimiyyah was detained and he produced tremendous knowledge while in detention.”
-Chapter Converting Misery into Happiness, Stop worrying and start living.

This book seeks to guide everyone sorrowing over with one thing or the other in a manner different from other books which discuss success. It addresses the heart, convinces the mind and moves Faith. It removes confusion from the hearts and souls of many, those whom Shaytan invites to wrethedness, sin, despair, grief and hopelessness in the Mercy of Allah.

In an easy to read manner, Abdullah ibn Sa’eed Safar Al-Husnee az - Zahranee captures 40 ways to dispel sorrow and grief and achieve happy and pleasant living.

Author Abdullah Bin Sa'eed Safar Az-Zahranee
Translator Muslim Ameen
Publisher Dakwah Corner Bookstore
Dimensions 215 mm x 142 mm x 13 mm
Weight 290 g
Pages 211
Type Paperback
ISBN 9789675699245