Surah Al-Kahf - Workbook

QW Series

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 The book is beneficial, accurate and will be useful to those who seek to acquaint people, especially young people, with message, lessons and details of the 18th chapter of the Quran. It conforms to general precepts of traditional, orthodox Islam and the understanding of the people of Tradition (Sunnah)
- Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

An excellent resource to pen down notes, reflections and pertinent points related to Surah Al-Kahf all in one place. The layout of this workbook is simple and easy to follow for any level of seeker of knowledge. It provides ample space for any avid writer, encouraging note-taking by hand, which helps in both understanding and remembering the meanings of the words of the Quran. The provision of thought provoking questions in this book stimulates the mind of the reader, an essentially for understanding and reflecting on the aayat of the Quran, the ultimate source of happiness, prosperity and success.
- Ustadha Aisha Altaf, Al Huda Institute


Authors / Editors Maria Marzuki, Kritika Sharifuddin,Faridah Idris, Putri Shahnim Khalid
Publisher QW Series
Published Year 2019
Dimensions 300 mm x 210 mm x 8 mm
Weight 400 g
Pages 134
Type Paperback
ISBN 9789671316429


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