Tajweed for All

Saadiqa Matthews

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Tajweed for All takes out the difficulty of learning Tajweed. Learn at your own time and pace, as this book has been designed for use with or without the supervision of a teacher. 

All that you need to know about Tajweed is curated and presented here, in simple English, using clear tables and diagrams to assist with learning and retaining the knowledge.

This book covers all aspects of Tajweed and also includes poetry from the famous Imam of Tajweed, Ibn Al-Jazary, an eminent scholar in the field of Qira'at of the Quran. The poem focuses primarily on the articulation points and characteristics of the letters.

Use Tajweed for All to improve your recitation of the Quran and your understanding of the rules of Tajweed.

Author Saadiqa Matthews
Publisher Dakwah Corner Bookstore (2nd ed. 2020)
Dimensions 254 mm x 180 mm x 7 mm
Weight 220 g
Pages 78
Type Paperback
ISBN 97889675699573