The Blessed Bananas

Tayyaba Syed

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International Book Awards Winner

1st Place Award - Islamic Writers Alliance

Everyone in the village knows not to come near the cranky, old monkey Rico or his precious bananas.

However, after some unwanted encounters, Rico learns a life-changing lesson.

Find out how in this heart-warming tale of friendship, kindness and the power of prayer.

"Tayyaba Syed has written a masterpiece for young Muslim children. With its lovable characters, powerful lesson and such beautiful, whimsical illustrations, The Blessed Bananas is sure to become an instant classic and family favourite."

Author Tayyaba Syed
Illustrator Melani Putri
Publisher Prolance (2018)
Dimensions 215 mm x 215 mm x 5 mm
Weight 160 g
Pages 50
Type Paperback (Colour Pages)
ISBN 9780999699126