The Most Powerful Night

Ndaa Hassan

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From the author of Ramadan Around the World comes a a heartwarming Ramadan story of angels, sweet prayers and blessed nights. It is about the night of power and glory – Laylat al Qadr. This is a night so special that it only comes once a year. 

What is the most powerful night, when is it and why is it powerful are all questions Laila has. She wants to know everything about this beautiful night. 

Join Laila and her Mom for this bedtime story of Laylat al Qadr.

Ndaa Hassan is a wife, mother, artist, social entrepreneur and creative design enthusiast with a passion for storytelling, traveling and learning about other cultures. She takes particular interest working on projects that provide value and service to others. Her portfolio spans many community-centered projects and a handful of story times filled with lots of excitement, laughs and giggles. Ramadan Around The World is her first venture into children’s literature. It is a story inspired by her children and their Ramadan celebrations.


Author Ndaa Hassan
Illustrator Soumbal Qureshi
Publisher Beyond Books Publishing
Dimensions 285 mm x 220 mm x 10 mm
Weight 500 g
Pages 40
Type Hardback with Colour Pages
ISBN 9781732097032