The Spiritual Strength In Our Scars

Liyana Musfirah

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We often pretend to be happy and put on a brave face for the world despite carrying the pain of enduring a personal struggle or adversity.

When we are alone, that is when we fall into despair — for failing to overcome the struggles that we carry silently in our hearts.

Are we considered strong if we do not fall when life pushes us to the ground? Do our faith and belief tell us that we cannot let our misery affect us because as the saying goes, “we must bear patience”?

In this book, author Liyana Musfirah takes readers on a reflective journey of discovering the strength that emerges from each of our painful and scarring episodes.

This is the book that celebrates what God has given women — the resilience to withstand emotional, spiritual, or even physical hardships.


Author Liyana Musfirah
Publisher Iman Publication
Dimensions 220 mm x 155 mm x 20 mm
Weight 460 g
Pages 248
Type Hard Cover
ISBN 9789672459040