Turning The Tide | Reawakening the Women's Heart and Soul

Suma Din

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A book on the journey and different stages of a woman's life, from the inception of the soul to the end of life on Earth. With contemporary thoughts, words of wisdom, guidance and inspiration.

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Turning the tide takes the reader on a journey through the stages of life, from the inception of the soul to the end of life on earth. Words of wisdom, guidance and compassion from the Quran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) pave the way, and inspire the reader to reawaken their heart and soul. With contemporary thoughts and voices flowing through the book, this voyage is one of contemplation, discovery and self-knowledge.

”A deeply poignant and meaningful book, that will take the soul on a journey of reflection and spiritual rejuvenation”

Sheikha Fatima Barkatulla, Aalimah, Author and Presenter

”Turning the Tide is a spiritually stirring, intellectually engaging and emotionally refreshing and gratifying work”

Prof. Abdur Raheem Kidwai, Aligarh Muslim University 


Suma Din is an author, teacher and freelance researcher based in Buckinghamshire, England. She writes on social justice, faith and women. Suma is married with three children and lives with her pet fascination for bodies of water and recreational painting.


Author Suma Din
Publisher Kube Publishing (2020)
Dimensions 220 mm x 155 mm x 15 mm
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Pages 256
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ISBN 9780860377580