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Zak and His Good Intentions

J. Samia Mair

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Zak and his sister Hana decide to see how many good deeds they can do in one day. However, everything is going wrong for Zak, and his plans only end in disappointment … and lots and lots of mess.

Zak soon realises, though, that it isn’t important what happens; it is his good intentions that count.

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Samia Mair has published four children’s books. She lives in the US.

Omar Burgess is an illustrator based in the UK. His works include My Special Angels, the ‘Hassan and Aneesa’ series and Zak and His Good Intentions.

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Author J. Samia Mair
Illustrator Omar Burgess
Publisher The Islamic Foundation
Dimensions 230 mm x 245 mm x 4 mm
Weight 175 g
Pages 31
Type Paperback (Glossy Colour Pages)
ISBN 9780860377177